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 What is Beyond Mirays?  Say the name like this Beyond. . .My Raise. .. Does that make sense now?  This shop goes beyond my "day job" or my raise.  There you see my sense of humor.


It seems to be a cliche to say "My parents influenced my art"  but in my case it is more true than most stories.  Both my parents are blind. Scribbling on a coloring page and "showing" it to them was not how I had to share my art.  Making something 3 dimensional was the only way I could have them appreciate my efforts. At the very young age of 6 I began my needle love.  By 9 I was embroidering and soon after I was designing vintage clothing and costumes, jewelry and sculptures.


Playing in costumes is my extra curricular activity. In the past I had a brick and mortar store in a historical registery town near my house. Making reproduction garments for people in Victorian homes so they could have open houses. Designing Theatrical costumes for local theater groups and reinactors.  Soon I wanted to make things that were smaller and more unique. Thus began the accessories for Steampunk, Renaissance, Regency, Victorian, mid Century costumes. Unique accessories have been my passion and obsession for more than 35 years.  Now I am having an affair with 100 year old purse frames.  You can find whimsy and clever uniqueness in these designs. Also known for my fairy door necklaces and fairy houses, which I love to create. 


I hope to be doing this kind of work well beyond my day job because I truly love this art with my needle.

Accessories Beyond the Norm

My Vision

My vision is to create unique items that make my customers exclaim with joy.  To take their ideas and mine and blend them into a creation like none other.

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