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26 hours

I captured Sunrise over the wing tip as we descended into Amsterdam. We only saw the sun at 35000 ft. Below that were 3 layers of clouds and ground fog. Thus for the next 8 hours we had nothing to see outside the airport windows beyond a quarter mile then greyness. Inside was filled with languages, funny food smells and lots of good seating. Leaving Amsterdam was delayed but final liftoff was at sunset, so I took that image as we left.

While sitting in Sciphol, the Amsterdam airport, I see this guy straight across from me. Wow what an anachronism. I will make another blog entry about the culture of these kind of people. No he is not a Traveler/Roma/Gypsy.

Fun BBQ type chips for lunch. Notice the chips are the tulips on the package. Definitely in Holland/Netherlands.

By the time we hit the pillow we had been up 26 hours. Boy were we ready for the sleep.

Our first full day was just quick visits with a few friends. Ending with Band practice. Our friend Juergen plays the clarinet. We sat behind the trombones at first. This was perfect for me since I play cello and the music for trombone is the same clef and range. I got to follow the music. This is a community band there is not high school bands here so there are teenagers as well as adults. Love the energy from this group of people. Here are just a few snippets. the first one is of a Fluga Horn solo, I loved it. This was site reading so am impressed they do so well. the second one is of Juergen playing, Sorry this blog platform isn't allowing me to insert the video so you must go to the business facebook page to view it.

Look at both videos on the facebook page

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